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March 2017:  I was awarded a Creative Access Fellowship to participate in a writer’s residency at Santa Fe Art Institute / SFAI (Santa Fe, NM) funded by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

September 2017:  A fantastic month at SFAI.  11 other artists in residence plus 2 local artists and 1 local writer made for an incredibly stimulating environment.  Visiting White Sands National Monument and other on-site research will show up in my next novel.  A post Civil War coming of age story that follows the journey of a boy from the first ravages of Sherman’s mach thru Georgia to becoming a man in the wilds of southern New Mexico.

October 2017:  Applied for my next writer’s retreat.  A more educational, conference style event with workshops and panel discussions featuring 11 world class, award winning authors.  The Iceland Writers Residency could be the trip of a lifetime.  The location is a place that has always seemed enchanting to me.  The event is what I have been seeking to elevate my writing.  I am willing to brave the April cold if I am selected.  

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