H.E.R. Space Series

{HER Space}

{See here for companion series Vinnie’s World}

Hyong Exploration and Research into Space: known to the world as HER Space.Lunar Craters View From Orbit

Following the adventures of a diverse cast of characters as they explore space, build the first private colony on the moon and create the Explorers Corp to take their discoveries even farther into the unknown realms of space.

  • Minna Hyong, Korean-American; Scientist; Founder and CEO of HER Space.
  • Pete  Anzio: Former Test Pilot; NASA Astronaut; Paraplegic.
  • The Lunatechs:  Former NASA Lunar Employees

The Origin of HER Space

The working title of Book 1 in the series.  Currently being shopped to agents.

Introduces characters, company and equipment with background info.  Important scientific theory, basis for future stories, explained in detail.

Lunar Construction and Equipment