Hurricane Prince

{ The Hurricane Prince }

Storm Clouds Over the Shoreline

A romantic novel written as a special gift to my beloved Liliana.  Currently being offered to publishers.

12 Chapters; 64,000 words


Ana is a 33 year old Colombian, an attractive successful attorney who lives with her beloved 15 year old daughter, Nina. Happy with her life as a single mother. She is proud of the life of she has created for herself and her daughter. Their life is much different from the way she grew up in a simple fishing village on the coast. Still she is proud origins, including her mixed indigenous family heritage common in Latin America.

A 2005 trip to New Orleans was supposed to be a big career opportunity for her. She was going to work on a contract with an important client. The trip itself should have been just another business trip. She had no idea that on this trip she would experience by a second life changing event.


Keith is a 52 year old independent quadriplegic who is led a full life. His accident set his life off on a different path. In his personal life he found success in sports and business. Like Ana, he possesses black hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. The Native American heritage in his family is common in old families from this part of Mississippi.

January 2003 finds him taking an early retirement and returning to live back in his old room in his parents’ house. Only this time he is there to help care for his mom. She is struggling a little bit after the death of his father.

More than two years after his return home his big question is unanswered: What do I do with myself for the rest of my life?

Hurricane Katrina

The storm that changed life for thousands of people on the gulf coast.  This is the story of how these two survived the storm, the crisis in the following days and the altered paths of their lives.

Hurricane Katrina Satellite view